These are actual Life Imaging Center photos. Every baby scans differently. Picture quality is determined by gestational age, level of amniotic fluid, clarity of amniotic fluid, amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the area being scanned, location of placenta and cord, and baby's position.

   In our picture sessions, we take 40-100 images. Those images will include black and white photos, as well as the 3D. We place those images on a picture CD. The 4D (real time) will be recorded to the DVD. Every ultrasound will include HD Live, should the baby scan well!

   The amount of different poses, is all dependent on baby's cooperation. Our guarantee is that we will get pictures of your baby's face. This guarantee does not mean we will see the entire face. Most of the time, the baby is hugged up against the placenta or side of mommy's womb. We will make every effort to take as many different poses as possible. For those babies who aren't perfect, we created the $39 picture session. This allows you to come in the rest of your pregnancy for just $39 to try and catch baby on another day, in another position.


   If for any reason, we do not capture any images of your baby's face during the first session, due to the baby facing the spine, we bring you back for FREE to repeat the ultrasound!

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