Life Imaging 4D/HD Live

Ultrasound Packages

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Sneak Peek/Early Gender Ultrasounds -10 to 20 weeks $59/$69 ​w/DVD

Gender ultrasounds are performed in the typical black and white ultrasound style, which is also known as 2D.

Picture Flash Drive (USB) is included.

3D/4D and HD Live are included as a courtesy.

(these images are not guaranteed due to baby being so small at this gestation)

Previous Life Imaging clients receive $5 off

Additional gender picture session $35

3D/4D/HD Ultrasounds -21 to 40 weeks $115/$125 ​w/DVD

Ultrasound is performed in 2D/3D/4D and HD Live (quality depends on the baby)

Picture FLash Drive (USB) is included.

Gender Confirmation included at no charge.

3D Images are guaranteed.

(if your baby faces the spine, we will repeat your ultrasound 1 time free of charge)

**additional repeated sessions vary in price

Previous Life Imaging clients or gender ultrasounds receive $15 off

Additional picture sessions are just $39